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5 Free Apps For The Selfie Photo Fan

f there is one thing about the Internet that remains constant, it’s that there is always a trend, a fad, going on. Whether it’s the latest meme, or filtering your photographs through various Instagram-like filters, there’s always something happening, which either annoys you or amuses you. So where do you stand on the latest fad? That would be the selfie.

Yes, the selfie. God’s gift to all vain and self-absorbed people everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with making the odd snap here and there, but some people take it to extreme levels. And Justin Bieber loves it, which definitely makes it worse! Ellen did it at the Oscars though which was kind of cool.

If you count yourself as a selfie junkie, here are 5 apps which will help you enjoy your hobby.


When you view a photo, do you ever wonder what is on the other side? If you do, Frontback exists to give you a glimpse behind, and in front, of the camera.

I managed to get a rather handsome Scottish fellow to pose for me, to test the app. It worked flawlessly, as the app just walked me through the stages. A must for any selfie fan.

Download: iTunes (Free) | Android (Free)


Once you’ve taken the selfie, do you instantly whoosh it off to Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook? Don’t be silly! No, first we need to get rid of the pimples, remove the second chin, and the third eye…and the hair has to change colour. Blonde is so…yesterday.

This is why Perfect365 belongs on your phone. Once you have snapped your selfie, you can run the picture through Perfect365 and get a “magazine-worthy digital makeover” (their words).

Download: iTunes Link (Free) | Android (Free)


If you fancy something different, then why not make a caricature selfie? This is when you make a funny image of yourself, based on a photo you take with the app, or that you upload.

Here’s me. They are all GIF images so prepare to see yourself dancing around. It’s worth a few laughs at least.

Download: iTunes (Free) | Android  (Free)


Shots is actually a fledgling social network on the rise, a kind of rival to Instagram, except this one is dedicated to selfies. This is the one that Justin Bieber endorsed, in case there are any Bieberites (or whatever you call yourselves) are out there reading this.

You can contact the person who made the selfie, via the app. But what is nice about Shots is that it doesn’t have a public commenting feature, in order to stop cyber-bullying.

Download: iTunes (Free) | Android (Free)

Selfie Cam App

This one is only for iOS, and allows you to use iOS7 face detection technology to take your selfie. Just smile at the camera and the picture is taken. Or use your thumb to rotate a rotary dial to snap a picture, which may be more comfortable for some.

Plus there arealso the usual stickers that all selfies need. You can export the finished photos to Instagram, and you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Download: iTunes (Free)

So there you go, 5 apps for selfie lovers the world over. Do you count yourself as a selfie fanatic? If so, what apps do you use, and why do you do it?

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