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Google’s New Update Will Merge Your To-Do Lists With Your Calendar

Reminders, the company’s latest mobile-first update, seamlessly integrates to-do lists into Google Calendar.

If you’ve missed important to-dos in the past because you forgot to add it to both your calendar and to-do list, time to breathe a sigh of relief: Google just made it simpler to track both events and to-dos in one place.

The company has released an update for Google Calendar called Reminders, which integrates mini to-do lists into the current calendar interface.

Reminders essentially takes what users already do on Gmail and makes it cleaner and quicker. Now, instead of making a separate event to remind yourself to take out the trash or pick up milk, you can create Reminders that doesn’t disappear until you’ve marked them complete. The Reminders also work across Google tools like Inbox and Keep, and can be voice recorded into your calendar.


It’s notable that Google launched this feature mobile-first, with web to come sometime down the road—yet another signal of its shifting focus to make its services mobile-friendly first. The update comes about a month after Google introduced Smart Reply, which offers auto-response options tailored to individual emails, to its Inbox app.


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