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Netflix Internet Scam: Beware of a New Breed of Scammers Pretending To Be Netflix Tech Support

Netflix subscribers beware: There’s a scheme floating around the Internet that you should watch out for. If you’re not careful, you could end up about $400 poorer and with a stolen identity.

It works like this: A group of crammers purporting to be Netflix tech support sends you a phony email. It sends you to a fake Netflix login page, sets a phony notice that your account has been suspended and then persuades you to call a support service to get it back. Once they have you on the phone with fake tech support, they persuade you to download software that allows them to crawl through your computer and snap up anything of interest.

When it’s all over, they’ll send you a bill and run away with any good data they can find.

It’s a common scheme, which affects numerous other websites and services. But this particular instance provides a rare step-by-step glimpse into the particulars of the con.

The scheme was discovered and documented in the YouTube video below by Malwarebytes Unpacked cybersecurity writer Jérôme Segura.

It all starts when you think you’re logging into your Netflix account, based on the fake email from Netflix. You can enter whatever incorrect login information you want. No matter what, it’ll bring you to a page that says your account was suspended for unauthorized use and ask you to call an 800 number on the screen.

So, Netflix users: Watch out. And as a general rule, don’t let random IT dudes poke around your computer. Don’t download any sketchy computer programs with tech support; don’t send them credit card info or agree to pay fees. Those are dead giveaways you’re dealing with scammers.

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