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Viral Mother’s Day Video: Seeds through Google Glass

Google Glass uploads an emotional video on YouTube which immediately goes viral the moment it was published after it earned over 56,000 views within the day.

The film entitled Seeds which was captured entirely on Google Glass features a man’s long journey to his home in India to surprise his mother.

. It was produced by alumni and students from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts as part of the Glass Creative Collection.

The clip shows a first person perspective of a man packing his things in a bag. His wife handed him a brown envelope to bring along. He then takes a cab, pulls a train card, and rides a train with the brown envelope constantly on his hands.

He proceeds to the airport and pulls up his passport. He gets his boarding pass and rides the plane. While on the plane ride, he still keeps the brown envelope handy and reads a book.

When he arrived in India, he adjusted his watch to the local time and took a motorcycle which was the local mode of transportation in the country. He takes a train and watches the panoramic view of the rural life as he passes by.

Finally, he takes a tri-bicycle, rides a small boat, and reaches his own village where his young relatives meet him.

When he goes inside the home and taps the shoulder of her Mother, the surprise expression on her face is undeniable. They had a heartwarming reunion and feast on the food.

He then takes out the brown envelope and gives it to her Mom who is fixing the hanging clothes. His mother turned to tears. He had been carrying a picture of an ultrasound all along.

In an article from Mashable, the 23-year old filmmaker Chaganty revealed that the 2.30-minute film was shot in a span of 10 days in four different locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and India. He stated: “It was the first introduction to acting I’ve ever had.” He also revealed that throughout the production of the Mother’s Day-themed story, he had the same clothes, and a wedding ring.

As for the production style, Chaganty stated: “We made it a very clear point to never show … if someone was not aware that I was shooting, we would never show their full face. In fact there’s one part we blurred.”

What a heart-rending film fit for Mother’s Day indeed!

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