Suffering from photo overload on your iPhone?

An app called Gallery Doctor uses algorithms to scan your camera roll and present you with photos you may want to delete. It’s incredibly useful for freeing up precious storage space.

Here’s how Gallery Doctor works:

it back and let Gallery Doctor work its magic in 3 easy steps:

1 – Automatically identify unwanted photos
* Blurry shots
* Dark photos
* Photos with poor quality
* Similar photos
* Gallery Doctor even identifies your boring shots!

2 – Review the photos you want to keep
* You decide what to delete – Swipe left to delete or right to keep.
* Smarter over time – Gallery Doctor learns which photos you don’t like and gets smarter based on which photos you keep or delete.

3 – Clean and free up your storage iPhone & iCloud storage
*Save time and storage – Instantly clean all your unwanted photos.
*Storage manager – make more room for pictures and your favorite apps.

Your privacy is important Gallery Doctor! Gallery Doctor does not store nor share any of your photos.